About me

If you’d ask me to describe myself in three words (not that you did), I’d say: tall, nerdy and clumsy (not necessarily in that order). Clearly not bound to one country – or side of the world – I was born in the US, grew up in Belgium, and have studied in France and Scotland.

I like science and engineering, but like talking about science and engineering even more. I have just completed a PhD in Life Sciences at the University of Dundee, where I looked at the biomechanical properties of cells and tissues, and how these change during cancer. Now, I’ve switched fields again and lean more towards chemical engineering, though I also teach a Lego-robotics class once a week. (In case you haven’t noticed, I love Lego.)

While I haven’t found my favorite method of science communication – as with many other things in my life, I aim to be a Master of All Trades, – I particularly enjoy writing humorous songs about science and academic life. I have toured the world (not really) with Bruno, the blue ukelele. Check out some of my comedy sets below (disclaimer: may contain some adult language and/or topics).

You can find me on the usual social media channels, including Twitter and LinkedIn (check out the latter for more details about my professional history, cause that’s what that’s for!)


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