Culture shock

You would think that when you move from one Western country to another Western country, you wouldn’t experience too much of a culture shock. However, there are still a few things that caught me by surprise*. So here are some things I am definitely not used to conveniently listed in the form of mildly related memes:

1. Everybody is always saying “Hi” or “Hello” or “Good Morning.” You’d go for a run, and every time you pass someone they would actually say something out loud rather than making that awkward grimace smile thing.

Related image
I’m the queen of this face.

On a different but slightly related note, saying “hello” apparently catches Londoners off guard too.

2. Turning right on red. So not used to that.

Image result for right on red meme
I’m so sorry, I’m not from here.

3. Driving an automatic.

Image result for driving automatic meme

4. I don’t have to put the groceries in a bag myself in the store.

Image result for socially awkward penguin meme
Just emphasizing my social awkwardness in general here, folks.

5. The garbage disposal-in-the-sink thing.

Image result for flintstones garbage disposal gif
This is what’s on the other end of the disposal, right? (Also, what is that tube thing sticking through the hole on the right ?!?!)

6. There are so many advertisements on TV, it’s insane.

Related image
Have you noticed how they conveniently increase the frequency and length of the ad break towards the end of a movie just to annoy you even more? 

6a. Related: what’s up with those medication ads? More than half of the ad is them listing possible side effects!

Related image

6b. Also: political smear campaign ads. Can’t politicians run on policies rather than their hatred for the other party?**

Image result for political ads meme
*Insert your least favorite politician here*

7. Plastic bags and plastic straws and styrofoam cups and …

Image result for so much plastic meme

8. How you almost have to use a car to get anywhere because everything is so spread out, or there are no sidewalks, or there are no public transport alternatives. ***

Image result for complaining meme

9a. Farenheit

Image result for Fahrenheit meme
I doubt it’s Kelvin, Fry

9b. Miles and feet and inches and stuff.

Image result for miles meme
Unrelated meme brought to you by The Proclaimers.

9c. Date notations (month-day-year)

(by xkcd)


* I should probably note that the observations here are based on my three-week-stay in the bubble that is a Central New York touristy lake town.

** I know, I wish I lived in a Utopia where campaigning was legally limited in time and budget, smear ads were not allowed, and politics wasn’t polarising.

*** I know I am a major hypocrite. I am will be taking to airplanes today…

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