Meet disco-mouse and Roboctopus


They could be characters from a Cartoon Network show, but they are just some of the amazing outputs of recent science.


A novel technique called ultimate DISCO (uDISCO) removes pigments and lipids, allowing researchers to image through dead animals. uDISCO also causes shrinkage – and consequentially perhaps odd organ proportions – and prepares the mouse for the ultimate rave.

More info: Nature Methods


This octopus-shaped robot (named octobot by the researchers, but I prefer roboctopus because it’s more reminiscent of a certain cyborg) consists entirely of soft materials and is controlled by a fluidic system and a chemical reaction. It also glows in the dark, apparently.

More info: Nature News & Views and Nature article
If you like cephalopods you might also enjoy my friend’s recent blog about cuttlefish; they apparently have amazing crazy eyes.

I already have a few plot ideas to turn this into a show, in case Cartoon Network is interested…


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